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Modify Arducam UVC Camera serial number


Connect Arducam UVC camera module to your computer.


Make sure Arducam UVC camera has been connected to your computer before running the UVC serial number tool.
Close the UVC serial number tool and open it up again if you want to set another serial number or name after re-plug your camera.

2.Download and unzip the UVC camera serial number tool

Click here to download the file.

image 24

3.Open up the .exe file

4.Press the Read and you can see the Device Name and Serial Number of your camera

image 25

5.Modify the Serial Number

Enter the serial number and press Write.

image 26

Press OK and modify the serial number successfully

1624347386529 6ABA7115 21BD 4911 B447 C79CB2A40E6F
1624347401926 F2529724 473C 41ae A88E 0B16C709F842

6.Modify the Device Name

image 29


You need to uninstall the device in the device manager and re-plug your camera after modifying the device name.
1.uninstall the device
image 30
image 34
Re-plug your camera and you can see the new device name
image 31


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