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USB2.0 Camera Shield Introductions

Arducam now has two different solutions for USB camera, one is Arducam USB camera shield and the other is Arducam UVC camera.

The Arducam USB camera shield is a general purpose camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi, Odriod, TI Beaglebone, and similar hardware. It supports almost all parallel interface image sensors ranging from 0.3MP to 16MP, including both global and rolling shutter sensors. The camera comes with a comprehensive software SDK library and example source code you need to make it working on Windows and Linux systems. The SDK is fully integrated with Python, which allows for direct integration of our cameras with your OpenCV based applications. This USB camera shield solution uses private camera driver and not UVC or V4L2 compatible, you have to use our proprietary SDK and API which gives you the flexibility to control all the sensor features from the register level. It is very useful for machine vision and scientific applications.

The Arducam UVC camera incorporates a dedicate image signal processor which support hardware ISP processing like AWB/AE/AF and JPEG or H.264 encoding. It supports limited image sensors and limited resolution upto 8MP. Not currently supported sensors should be customized to make it working. As it is UVC compliance, no special driver needed for Windows, Linux or Mac OS. It is useful for surveillance, IoT applications that use standard UVC or V4L2 camera software interface, and no need for unprocessed RAW image.

All these two types of USB camera solutions can be customized, please contact us for detail information.

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