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USB2.0 Camera Shields

The Arducam USB2.0 camera shield is designed for a low-cost general-purpose USB2.0 camera solution. You can check the Arducam USB3.0 camera shield if you require a higher speed.


As a general solution, the Arducam USB2.0 camera shield can be used with both PC and embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi for quick evaluation as well as product prototyping/development. Besides, it also provides customized camera support for platforms like Odroid, Beaglebone Black, Nvidia JETSON TK/TX boards.

Hardware frame buffer

Featuring the onboard hardware frame buffer, it overcomes the bandwidth limits and frame-dropping issues in software frame butter. The buffer also makes it possible for multiple synchronized cameras to take images at the exact same time.


Since the release of this lineup in 2017, the Arducam USB2.0 Camera shield lineup has seen several revisions. The major differences between these revisions are the onboard frame buffer and camera support.

The Rev.B did not come with the onboard frame buffer, and it was then upgraded to 8Mbyte in the Rev.C and 16Mbyte in the Rev.D. The latest version, the Rev.E, keeps the 16Mbyte buffer but adds native MIPI camera support, which would require a parallel to MIPI adapter on previous revisions.

You can also refer to the following table for the comparison.

Board Revision Rev.BRev.CRev.D Rev.E
Onboard Frame BufferNone8MByte16MByte16MByte
MIPI supportNoneNeed parallel to MIPI adapterNeed parallel to MIPI adapterYes




Supported cameras

Please check this chapter for the featured supported cameras of the Arducam USB2.0 camera shield.


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