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OV4686 MIPI Camera with USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus

1.Download and unzip the release package

Click here to download the zip file.

2.Open up the USBTest.exe

3.Set up on the Arducam USB Camera Demo

  • Scan the device
image 19
  • File->Open->Select the OV4686 Configur file->Open
image 21
image 22
  • Load->Open the OV4686 Configure file
image 23
  • Play and you can see the preview
image 24

4.Adjust Exposure & Gain

image 30
image 31

5.Capture and save image

  • Press Shot to capture an image and save in Release_RGBIR/Shot.
image 28
image 26
  • Select Save data to continuous save images as raw format in Release_RGBIR/Record.
image 27
image 29


Saving images for a long time will take up a lot of memory space.

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