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Arducam Pico4ML TinyML Dev Kit

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Pico4ML is a microcontroller board based on RP2040 for on-device machine learning. It also packs a camera, microphone, IMU, and display to help you get started with TensorFlow Lite Micro, which has been ported to the RP2040.

Pico4ML-BLE is based on Pico4ML to increase the BLE module to realize the function of Bluetooth communication. This is somewhat similar to Arduino Nano 33 BLE. This upgrade makes Arducam Pico4ML the most versatile Machine Learning development kit on the market. Only increases the function of Bluetooth, it realizes wireless data collection, training, and model update by designing a web client based on WebBLE. Want a Pico4ML with Bluetooth 5.0 support? Check out the Pico4ML-BLE.

We’ve included 3 pre-trained TensorFlow Lite Micro examples( including Person Detection, Magic Wand, and Wake-Word Detection) and the examples to build, train and deploy your models on Pico4ML and Pico4ML-BLE. You can find helpful links throughout the site for creating your own experiments and explore resources.


MicrocontrollerRaspberry Pi RP2040Raspberry Pi RP2040
Camera ModuleHiMax HM01B0, Up to QVGA (320 x [email protected])HiMax HM01B0, Up to QVGA (320 x [email protected])
Screen0.96 inch LCD SPI Display (160 x 80, ST7735)0.96 inch LCD SPI Display (160 x 80, ST7735)
Bluetooth ModuleWithout BluetoothBT5.0
Operating Voltage3.3V3.3V
Input VoltageVBUS:5V+/-10%
VSYS Max: 5.5V
VSYS Max: 5.5V


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