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Lens Products from Arducam

As an embedded camera manufacturer,  Arducam provides a variety of lenses to meet different user needs for customizable optical performances. Our lens-related products are offered in standalone units and lens kits. There are four ways to get an Arducam Lens.

Standalone lenses

If you have specific needs for specific lenses, you can buy them individually. A matching lens holder from Arducam is also recommended if you are not sure whether the lens will match your current one. M12 Lenses aimed at the CS-Mount-native camera modules, like the IMX477 High Quality camera series, will include an extra M12 to CS-Mount adapter.

Arducam Lens Kits

For those who need multiple lenses for prototyping and evaluation, we’ve packed several lenses and some tools in a lens kit. Currently, we have four lens kits for different purposes.

LK001 and LK002 are M12 Lens Kits mainly designed for 1/4″ camera modules like our Arduino cameras and V1/V2 Pi cameras. LK003 and LK004 are for 1/2.3″ camera modules featuring the IMX477 High Quality cameras, both from the Raspberry Pi and Arducam.

Arducam Lens Bundles

After Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module is out, the C/CS-Mount Lenses have been officially introduced to the ecosystem. However, a heavy and bulky lens means it’s harder to hold still. Therefore, tripods have since become increasingly popular among the community.

On the other hand, a camera module held up by a tripod is further away from the Raspberry Pi motherboard, so a longer camera ribbon cable is required.

Taking all these situations into consideration, Arducam offers Lens Bundles that include a lens, a tripod, and a long camera ribbon cable, so you can get what you will need with only one purchase.

Request customization with a customized lens.

If you need Arducam camera modules in bulk but need different lenses for your specific application, you don’t need to purchase the lenses separately to replace the stock ones. Arducam can help you customize your camera module by assembling the lenses differently for you in production.


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