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1. 5MP OV5647 / 8MP IMX219 Camera

1F No.W:1.6-T:3.3±5%
3Optical Back Focal Length5.8±0.1
4Mechanical Back Focal Length13.45±0.2
6Image Circle∅6.9
7Lens Structure6G3P
9FOV1/2.7”(16:9): H(113~30),V(60~16),D(137~34)
1/3”(4:3): H(91~25),V(66~18),D(120~30)
1/4”(4:3): H(67~18),V(49~13),D(90~22)
11FocusFront group: focus
Back group: Zoom
13Motorized IR-CutCoil Resistance: 20±5Ω
Electric Voltage: ±3.5 ~ ±6 V
Electric time: 100~200ms
14IR Filter Coating400nm~420nm Tave>88%,T>85%
420nm~620nm T≥95%,Tave>96%
642nm~653nm T=50% Slop 80%~20%<20nm
680nm T<2%
700nm~1000nm T<1%
1000nm~1100nm Tave<2%,T<4%
15Dummy Glass Coating420nm~1100nm T>92%,Tave>96%
16 Stepper Motors NO.of phases: Bipolar
Coil resistance: 40Ω/phase ±7%
Voltage range: 3.3-5V 5
Coil max Current 125mA/Phase
Recommended:conditions:4.2V2-2bipolar 300-800PPS(accelerating)
Step angle: 0.224 degree/Step
Excitation: 2-2bipolar
Zoom range(wide=>Tele): 2317 steps 0.00396mm/step
Focus range(Near=>Far): 3009 steps 0.0046mm/step
17Storage Condition-30℃~+80℃;10-90%RH(No condensing)
18Operation Condition-20℃~+60℃;10-90%RH(No condensing)
19Controller Board Size36x36mm
20Pan and Tilt Range0-180°
21Manual Pan and Tilt Step Accuracy
22PWM Control Signal Frequence50HZ
23PWM Control Signal Duty Cycle2.5% to 12.5%
24Auto Focus Time4s to 20s
25Zoom Range (Wide => Tele)2317 steps 0.00396mm/step
26Focus Range(Near => Far)3009 steps 0.0047mm/step
  • Support manual error compensation

2. 12MP IMX477 Camera

1Focal length4.38-10.71mm±5%
2F No.W1.36-T2.46±5%
3Effective image circlemore than ∅8.81mm(1/1.8”Sensor)
4Flange range13.5 mm(in the air)
5Flange limitW:13.25±0.15mm
6Range of objective distanceWide:1.5m-INF
7Effective diameterFront:∅18.93mm
9IR change switchCoil impedance:25Ω±10%
Operating voltage:5.0V±10%
Drive pulse range:200-500ms
10Micro-Stepper MotorsWeight: 60g (2.12oz)
Operating Voltage: 4.8 ~ 7.2 DC Volts
Operating Current: >600mA
Stall Torque: 15 kg/cm (4.8-7.2V)
Speed: 15KG 0.15sec/60° 4.8-7.2V
Size: 10.8cm*8.8cm*7.3cm
11Resolution4056 (H) x 3040 (V)(MAX)
13Supply Voltage1.05 V (Digital), 1.8 V (Interface), 2.8 V (Analog)
14ChromaColor, RGB
15Shutter TypeRolling Shutter Only
16Frame Rate15 to 240 fps, depending on the video mode
17Pixel Size1.55 µm (H) x 1.55 µm (V)
18Data RateMax. 2.1Gbps/lane
19Clock Frequency6-27 MHz
20Image Sensor FormatType 1/2.3″
21Output Video FormatRAW12/10/8, COMP8
22Pan and Tilt Range0-180°
23Manual Pan and Tilt Step Accuracy
24PWM Control Signal Frequence50HZ
25PWM Control Signal Duty Cycle2.5% to 12.5%
26Motorized focus time4s to 20s

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