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PTZ Camera


For years the Raspberry Pi has no decent improvements on their camera performance while there are increasing requirements for different camera solutions on Raspberry Pi. Now Arducam will address these needs and introduce a Pan Tilt and Zoom solution which is commonly used for the surveillance cameras.

Sometimes with the fixed focus camera with M12 or CS mount lens, the camera’s field of view is fixed, you might lose the detail when zooming in the video or image because you do the zooming on the digital way. The lens on the PTZ camera is optical zoom rather than digital zoom, it changes the lens field of view because the focal length of the lens is varied. With the optical zoom, you can zoom in, zoom out by changing the focal length, in other words, you pull the far away object much closer to see more details or push back the lens to get a concept of the overall scene.

With the Pan and Tilt supports, you can move your camera in two dimensions with 180 degrees horizontal and vertical movements. The PTZ camera controller board outputs the PWM signals to drive the servo motors directly.

In short, the Arducam PTZ camera is a complete solution to turn your Raspberry Pi and its camera into a fully functional surveillance camera which covers 360 degrees space. With software autofocus function you can clearly focus on your target when zooming.


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