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Picamera2 with Arducam V1/V2/HQ/16MP-AF/64MP-AF/Pivariety Cameras (Guide)

Getting Started with Picamera2 Arducam cameras

Picamera2 is the libcamera-based replacement for Picamera which was a Python interface to the Raspberry Pi’s legacy camera stack. Picamera2 also presents an easy to use Python API.

The following content is a quick tutorial on using picamera2 and our Pi camera series.

Note: Make sure you are running Raspberry Pi OS bullseye (20220128 & later releases)


Make sure libcamera is already installed:

dpkg -l | grep libcamera

Installing Picamera2

sudo apt install -y python3-kms++
sudo apt install -y python3-pyqt5 python3-prctl libatlas-base-dev ffmpeg
sudo pip3 install numpy --upgrade
sudo pip3 install picamera2

Source: GitHub

Running Picamera2 Examples

git clone
cd picamera2/examples
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