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IMX378 Cameras

Software Setup​​

At present, we support using libcamera and raspistill to capture images with IMX378 camera, please refer to the following messages:

Modify the confix.txt file

sudo vi /boot/configg.txt

Add dtoverlay=imx378 to the end line

779E3A97 331E 4574 8840 4C9145C21456

  • Using libcamera to access the camera

The Raspberry Pi Bullseye system support using libcamera to capture images. Please make sure you have downloaded the official Bullseye as follows:

Raspberry Pi Bullseye system

-Raspberry Pi Bullseye

List all cameras:

libcamera-still --list-cameras

Open a preview window:

libcamera-still -t 0

Save a jpg file in your pi after 5s preview:

libcamera-still -t 5000 -o test.jpg

For more commands for using libcaemra, please refer to Github-libcamera apps

  • Using raspistill to access the camera

The raspberry pi Bullseye system support using raspistill command to capture image too, you need to run the raspi-config to enable legacy, please see the following:

  1. Run raspi-config

Open your terminal and input sudo rapi-config

sudo raspi-config

2. Move to interface option


3. Enable the legacy

image 1
image 2

4. Save and reboot

sudo reboot

5. Detect the camera

vcgencmd get_camera

If the camera is detected, the output will be the follows:

image 3

6. Run the camera


raspistill -t 0

Save a file:

raspistill -t -5000 -o test.jpg

For more usage of raspistill or previous command, please refer to the following messages:

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

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