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8MP IMX219 Cameras

Unlike 5MP OV5647 cameras, the V2 Raspberry Pi cameras are a little more tricky because of the onboard chip the encrypts the module. You are not able to modify that one easily like before, and most times you can only stick to the official Raspberry Pi camera module V2.

However, Arducam offers 2 ways for you to use customized 8MP IMX219 Raspberry Pi cameras. You can choose from those two based on whether you want to keep the original camera setup.

Drop-in replacement for Raspberry Pi camera V2

The official Raspberry Pi camera V2 appears to be the most used module among all V2 camera applications. However, as mentioned above, you are not able to easily modify the board for introducing other lens systems, and the original lens on the camera module is hard to replace. What is a good way if you want to use an 8MP Pi camera but with a different Field of View (FoV)?

The answer is simple. If the board is encrypted, then we will keep the original board. If the original lens is hard to replace, then we will replace the lens-sensor combination as a whole. With this idea in mind, Arducam has released several kinds of M12 lens and autofocus lens drop-in replacements, and a sensor extension cable to free the sensor from the camera board. You can read more about these M12/autofocus drop-in replacement lenses on our blog.

Arducam customized 8MP IMX219 cameras

What if you like the features of our 5MP cameras, and want to use the same features while upgrading smoothly to an 8MP version? You can also go with Arducam customized 8MP IMX219 cameras. These camera modules are more robust and slightly larger (36x36mm) than the Raspberry Pi camera module V2(24x24mm), but keeps the capabilities to access M12/CS mount lens, or add switchable IR cut filters. We also offer an 8MP autofocus module.

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