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5MP OV5647 Cameras


5MP OV5647 cameras, namely the V1 camera series, are used a lot on Raspberry Pi camera applications. Unlike the V2 cameras which are encrypted on the camera board with a chip, the 5MP OV5647 cameras can be easily modified and customized by third-party manufacturers, thus you will see a lot of variations of this series. This article will walk you through the kinds of 5MP OV5647 cameras.

To begin with, we have to talk about what a camera module consists of and what matters in a good frame. A camera module is typically made up of a sensor and a lens. Sensors capture light in different resolutions and the lenses decide how much light will be bent to be captured, and light is a key part in shooting nice pictures.

How does the lens impact the image

Lenses have different focal lengths and F/NO, respectively the capabilities to bend and take in light. In some cases, you would be able to move the camera further or closer to adapt to how wide the scene you want to shoot, but most times the camera module is more like in a fixed position. You need a different lens system when you want to replace the lenses.

We get three kinds of lenses for 5MP OV5647 Raspberry Pi cameras:

  • Stock Lens
  • M12 Lens
  • CS Lens

How does the light impact a picture

It depends on the kinds and the amount of light. To put it simply, there are two kinds of lights: those human eyes can see, and those we can’t. What we can see is called visible light, and what we cannot is beyond the visible spectrum like ultraviolet and infrared. The amount of light is also crucial, because like human eyes, the camera sees in a more clear way with more light captured.

We get three kinds of variations for the light sensitivity of 5MP OV5647 Pi cameras:

  • Visible light
  • NoIR (No Infrared Filter)
  • Switchable IR cut filter
  • IR only

Advanced Applications

In some advanced applications, you might need a more flexible camera. When you need the camera to be compact enough to put in a hole or through a tube, you might need a:

  • Spy Camera for Raspberry Pi

When you want to monitor multiple places with a single camera, you will need:

  • PTZ(pan-tilt-zoom) Camera for Raspberry Pi

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