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12MP IMX477 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module


This Arducam module uses the same 12MP IMX477 image sensor as the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, but offers a mechanical IR cut-off filter switched automatically based on light condition. The official RPi HQ camera is not sensitive to infrared, and there won’t be a NoIR version. On the contrary, this Arducam camera module not only offers sensitivity to infrared, but also keeps the natural feeling during daylight. It’s fully compatible with all Raspberry Pi models with a camera connector.

Common Specs

Image sensor

Sensor ModelIMX477
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
Active Pixels4056×3040
Resolution12 MP
Image Sensor Format1/2.3″
Pixel Size1.55μm×1.55μm
IMX477 mechanical drawing

Lens Assembly

Lens MountCS Mount
Focus TypeManual Focus
MOD0.1 m
Lens Focal Length6mm
Field of View(FoV)65° (H)
Back Focal Length7.53mm
Lens DimentionΦ30×31mm
IMX477 camera board
IMX477 mechanical drawing

Connector & Cable

Camera ConnectorMIPI CSI-2 22-pin
Cable Length300mm (22-pin), 300mm(15-22pin)
Pin #NameDescription
2CAM_D0_NMIPI Data Lane 0 Negative
3CAM_D0_PMIPI Data Lane 0 Positive
5CAM_D1_NMIPI Data Lane 1 Negative
6CAM_D1_PMIPI Data Lane 1 Positive
8CAM_CK_NMIPI Clock Lane Negative
9CAM_CK_PMIPI Clock Lane Positive
11CAM_D2_NMIPI Data Lane 2 Negative
12CAM_D2_PMIPI Data Lane 2 Positive
14CAM_D3_NMIPI Data Lane 3 Negative
15CAM_D3_PMIPI Data Lane 3 Positive
17CAM_IO0Power Enable
18CAM_IO1LED Indicator
21SDASCCB serial Interface data IO
22VCC3.3V Power Supply

Quick Start Guide


The latest Raspberry Pi Image System is recommended.

pi image system 2020 08 20
We tested on this image system.

Hardware Setup​​

B0270 03

First Use

1.Check whether the camera is detected

ls /dev/video0
Check whether the camera is detected1
The camera is detected.

2.Preview the camera feed 

raspistill -t 0 -awb greyworld

3.Save an image

Take a picture after a two-second (time in milliseconds) delay and save it as arducam.jpg.

raspistill -t 1000 -o arducam.jpg -awb greyworld 


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