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Multi-Camera Adapter Board

1. Introduction

This adapter board supports 5MP and 8MP since the old multi-camera adapter board doesn’t work with Raspberry Pi 8MP IMX219 pi camera due to the camera driver issue. Now Arducam team designed upgrade the multi-camera adapter board for both 5MP and 8MP pi cameras. Consider that the high speed CSI camera MIPI signal integrity is sensitive to long cable connection, the new adapter board can only connect maximum 4 cameras to a single pi board. Because it covers the most of the use cases like 360 degree view photography and surveillance, and add more cameras will degrade the performance of the cameras. Like always please note that Raspberry Pi multi camera adapter board is nascent product that may have some stability issues and limitations because of the cable’s signal integrity and RPi’s closed source video core libraries, so use it on your own risk. Release Blog: Arducam Multi camera adapter board.

2. Revisions


The latest revision of the Arducam Multi Camera Adapter is V2.2. The V2.2 undergoes firmware updates, but the specs, documentations, and tutorials on the V2.1 will still apply to the V2.2.

3. Hardware Connection

You can see from the video.

4. Software User Guide

4.1 Enable camera and i2c bus

sudo raspi-config
sudo nano /boot/config.txt
Add dtparam=i2c_vc=on  to the end line 
1 1
sudo reboot

4.2 get the source code

git clone

4.3 Install libopencv-dev library

sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev

4.4 Run the C++ demo

  • Compile the source code
cd RaspberryPi/Multi_Camera_Adapter/Multi_Adapter_Board_4Channel/Multi_Camera_Adapter_V2.2_C++/
  • For PI4 platform, please update the wiringpi firstly
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb
  • Run the demo

For the use of remote control terminals, first specify the location of the image display

export DISPLAY=:0

4.5 Run the Python demo

cd RaspberryPi/Multi_Camera_Adapter/Multi_Adapter_Board_4Channel/Multi_Camera_Adapter_V2.2_python/
  • For PI4 platform, please update the wiringpi firstly
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb
  • Run the demo

4.6 Video operation demo

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