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Q: No data received from sensor

  • Most of the RPi cameras we release require users to connect the cables themselves.In many cases, data cannot be received by the main board because the FPC wiring is not connected in place. At this time, it is necessary to reconnect the FPC wiring, including the connector at the sensor interface as shown in the figure:

Q: The camera can’t work when using the Multi Adapter Board V2.0.

  • We released two Multi Camera boards V2.0. It just support OV5647 sensor. Note the selection of the dial switch. For example, in the first layer, we put 1 and 5 ON and others OFF. Shown as in the figure:

Q: The camera can’t work when using the Multi Adapter Board V2.1.

  • For V2.1, which supports the use of 8MP IMX219. Users often find that the board does not work when using the test program. It is usually caused by the failure of one of the four cameras to work properly and the code card does not continue to operate. User can first run the camera initialization program to detect whether there is abnormal camera work.If there is no exception, you will see the figure information.
  • If user can’t get the message shown as the above figure, Please follow the below steps to debug:
  • Step1: Remove the Multi Adapter Board V2.1 and connect the camera to the PI directly, Then run the ‘raspistill -t 0’ to test the camera. If normal, you will preview the image.
  • Step2: Connect the Multi Adapter Board V2.1, run the ‘ i2cset -y 1 0x70 0x00 0x04 ‘ command to enable the camera A channel.
  • Step3: Run the ‘ sudo modprobe bcm2835_v4l2 ‘ command to install the v4l2 driver.
  • Step4: Then run ls /dev/video0 to check if it exist video0.

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