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Q1: No data received from the sensor…..

Most of the RPi cameras we release require users to connect the cables themselves. In many cases, data cannot be received by the main board because the FPC wiring is not connected in place. At this time, it is necessary to reconnect the FPC wiring, including the connector at the sensor interface as shown in the figure:

Q2: Please check your camera connection,then try again.


It is due to the the poor hardware connection. Please check the camera’s connector in detail. On the multi adapter board, it has five connector. It is easy to have abnormal connection problems. We release to help user check each connector. Following the operation steps.

cd RaspberryPi/Multi_Camera_Adapter/Multi_Adapter_Board_4Channel/Multi_Camera_Adapter_V2.2_C++
sudo chmod +x
  • If normal, you will see the message shown the below image. Notice the 0x10 is 8MP address. If other sensor, this address is different. The 70 is the adapter board address. This address is fixed. If it does not exist this address, you should check the connection between the adapter board to the Pi board. especially the i2c1 interface.
  • If you can see ‘video0 deteceted‘, which means the MIPI connector between the pi and adapter board is normal. At least one camera interface is normal.
  • If you can see ‘Start testing the camera A B C D’, and without any other message, Great, all the camera’s interface is normal.
  • If we do not connect the camera C or the camera C connector is abnormal, shown as the image:
  • We will get the following message:
11 2

Q3: How to connect 1 or 2 or 3 cameras to work?

Our new C++ version demo adds a channel detected function, which means you can connect 1 to 4 cameras to the adapter board. For example. If I just want to use three cameras to connect to channel B C D without A. The following is my hardware connection:

  • Just Run the previewOpencv
[email protected]:~/RaspberryPi/Multi_Camera_Adapter/Multi_Adapter_Board_4Channel/Multi_Camera_Adapter_V2.2_C++ $ ./previewOpencv 

Q4: The camera can’t work when using the Multi Adapter Board V2.0.

We released two Multi Camera boards V2.0. It just supports the OV5647 sensor. Note the selection of the dial switch. For example, in the first layer, we put 1 and 5 ON and others OFF. Shown as in the figure:

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