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IMX135 13MP Color Rolling Shutter Camera for Raspberry Pi


Arducam IMX135 MIPI camera module incorporates Sony 1/3−inch 13 Mega-pixel CMOS active pixel type stacked image sensor with a square pixel array. The MIPI camera module supports manual exposure, white balance and focus adjustment, and be connected to the standard Raspberry pi CSI-2 camera port. It also supports other hardware platforms with the MIPI camera interface like Nvidia Jetson TX2.

Arducam developed a special camera driver for Raspberry Pi, which lets you can capture 13MP still image and 1080p video on your existing Pi board.

Key Specification

Optical format 1/3−inch
Active pixels 4208H x 3120V
Pixel size 1.12um x 1.12um
Color filter array RGB Bayer pattern
ADC resolution 10−bit, on−chip
Responsivity 0.62 V/lux−sec (545 nm)
Output Interface 2-Lane /4-Lane MIPI
Frame Rate 13 Mp full resolution at 24 fps
720p at 60 fps
1080 at 30 fps

Hardware Connection

Camera driver and Examples

The SDK library and example source code can be download from our GitHub. Software user guide can be found from here.

Pin Definition

The camera module using Molex 545482671_SD or similar 22pin 0.5mm pitch FPC connector.

1 GND Ground Power ground
2 MDN0 Input Pixel Data Lane0 Negative
3 MDP0 Input Pixel Data Lane0 Positive
4 GND Ground Power ground
5 MDN1 Input Pixel Data Lane1 Negative
6 MDP1 Output Pixel Data Lane1 Positive
7 GND Ground Power ground
8 MCN Input Pixel Clock Output Form Sensor Negative
9 MCP Input Pixel Clock Output Form Sensor Positive
10 GND Ground Power ground
11 MDN2 Input Pixel Data Lane2 Negative
12 MDP2 Input Pixel Data Lane2 Positive
13 GND Ground Power ground
14 MDN3 Input Pixel Data Lane3 Negative
15 MDP3 Input Pixel Data Lane3 Positive
16 GND Ground Power ground
17 POWER_EN Output Power Enable
18 VCC_3.3V POWER 3.3v Power supply
19 GND Ground Power ground
20 SCL Input Two-Wire Serial Interface Clock
21 SDATA Bi-directional Two-Wire Serial Interface Data I/O
22 VCC_3.3V POWER 3.3v Power supply

Mechanical Dimension

Order Information

Check the Raspberry PI Cameras from the product page.

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