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MIPI Camera Modules

MIPI camera module is now widely used on the smart phone, tablets and other mobile devices, which is compliant to MIPI CSI-2 specification. It offers higher performance in terms of resolution and frame rate than the older parallel interface camera module also called DVP (digital video port) interface.

Now Arducam provides MIPI camera module solutions from both hardware and software approaches. From the hardware approach, we can decode the MIPI protocol to standard parallel output timing to help legacy system compliance or combine multiple MIPI streams into one MIPI output stream for multi-camera application. From the software approach, we have designed ready to use MIPI camera driver for Raspberry Pi platform and later can be ported to other platforms like Jetson TX1/TX2/Nano or Freescale i.MX series.

Arducam offers different MIPI camera modules and increases this variety required by our customers and help them integrate into various platforms at extremely low costs.
In conclusion, MIPI camera modules are ideal for applications with many cameras including mobile and distributed applications such as smart city, medical technology, UAVs, autonomous driving, and scientific automation.

For a quick review of these MIPI camera modules for Raspberry Pi, please read more from this post.


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