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Controlling Raspberry Pi Cameras with Your Smartphone (Android)

how to use raspcontroller app with your phone

A handy way to use a Raspberry Pi camera to capture images with your phone.

Step 1. Getting Things Ready

What you need:

Please follow the quick manuals to first make sure the cameras work properly.

Step 2. Connecting to Raspberry Pi

Open RaspController on your phone, and click the plus button (bottom right) to add a device.

adding raspberry pi to Raspcontroller

Device name: whatever you want to call it

Host/IP Address: Your Raspberry Pi’s IP address.

SSH Port: keep it to default.

Timeout (Sec): keep it to default

Username: Your RPI’s username. (by default, it’s “pi”)

Authentication: Choose whether you use Password or Keys for SSH. Default password is “raspberry”.

Click CONNECTION TEST, and then click the save button.

Step 3. Add custom libcamera commands

Tap on the added device.

raspberry pi as an added device on raspcontroller app

Tap custom commands > USER

add custom camera commands to Raspcontrol
add custom camera commands to Raspcontrol 1

Add the two following commands:

add custom camera commands to android phone

For 16MP-AF (all pi models) and 64MP-AF (Pi 4B/CM4):

ibcamera-still --autofocus --timestamp

For 64MP-AF (other Pi models):

libcamera-still --autofocus --timestamp --width 4624 --height 3472

Step 3. Capturing a picture and viewing it through your phone

Tap on the added command & wait till the image’s captured.

raspberry pi terminal window on android

Navigate back and tap on File Manager. (This allows you to view and manage all files on your Raspberry Pi)

file manager for raspberry pi

Tap on the captured image to download to your phone.

you can use your phone to download files from your Raspberry Pi


  • You can also use this setup with Arducam OV5647, IMX219, and IMX477 series, or the official camera module v1/v2/HQ.
  • The two default camera options in the menu only take pictures at 5MP, for full-res captures and customized controls, we highly recommend adding your custom commands.

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