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ROS With Arducam Time of Flight Camera – Jetson

ROS jetson

A quick tutorial to help you enable ROS-based development on your Jetson with the state-of-the-art Arducam ToF camera.

Before You Start

Make sure you already successfully installed the camera driver and dependencies (camera SDK and OpenCV) as per our Quick Start guide 

<Time of Flight (ToF) Camera for Jetson Nano Xavier NX>.

Step 1. Installing ROS2

Please refer to ROS official website (shown below) for detailed installing guidance.


Follow the steps accordingly for preparations before installing.

Step 2. Compile & run ROS2 on your Jetson

Download the repository

git clone https://github.com/ArduCAM/Arducam_tof_camera.git


cd Arducam_tof_camera/tof_ros2_publisher

If you are running Jetson Nano

colcon build --merge-install --cmake-args -DPLATFORM:STRING=NANO

If you are running Jetson NX

colcon build --merge-install --cmake-args -DPLATFORM:STRING=NX

If else

colcon build --merge-install --cmake-args -DPLATFORM:STRING=DEFAULT


. install/setup.bash 
ros2 run arducam tof_pointcloud

Step 3. Previewing on your HOST computer

Install ROS2 on your host PC, and run rviz2


Click Add > By topic > Select PointCloud2

1 2

Enable PointCloud2, change Fixed Frame to sensor_frame, and change Size (m) to 0.001, and you will see a real-time point cloud preview like the following:

2 2

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