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Native Jetson Cameras – IMX219/IMX477

What are the Jetson Native Cameras

Native Jetson CameraThe native cameras are the camera modules that officially supported by the Jetson hardware with the driver and ISP support. At the moment, two camera modules IMX219 and IMX477 are natively supported, they can cover most of the use-cases.

What is the Advantage on Jetson Native Cameras

If you are new to Jetson and want to use the camera with the existing on-line opensource code that uses native camera commands like nvgstcapture/nvarguscamera, or nvargus API, etc.

What Kinds of Jetson Native Camera Arducam Offers

IMX219-stock lens (SKU:B0191)Low cost
IMX219-drop-in-replacement (SKU:B0184)Low distortion
IMX219-drop-in-replacement (SKU:B0180)Wide angle 175 diagonal degrees
IMX219-drop-in-replacement (SKU:B0182)Auto focus (visible light)
IMX219-drop-in-replacement (SKU:B0190)Auto focus (IR sensitive)
IMX219 M12 mounts (SKU:B0103)More M12 lens options (visible light)
IMX219 M12 mounts NOIR (SKU:B0152)More M12 lens options (IR sensitive)
IMX219 M12 mounts IRC (SKU:B0154)Both daylight and night vision
IMX219 CS mount NOIR (SKU:B0102More CS lens options (visible light)
IMX219 CS mount NOIR (SKU:B0153)More CS lens options (IR sensitive)
IMX219 PTZ (SKU:B01678MP)Pan/Tilt/Zoom
IMX477 CS mount (SKU:B0249)High quality [email protected], [email protected]
IMX477 with Metal Housing (SKU:B0250)Fully assembled with housing and mounting
IMX477 Mini with M12 mount (SKU:B0251)Miniature, low weight (10g)
IMX477 Motorized Focus(SKU:B0273)Motorized Focus
IMX477 IR-CUT with CS Lens(SKU:B0274)Witchable IR Filter


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