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Introduction to Arducam Cameras for Jetson Nano

Jetson Nano Camera & Raspberry Pi Camera

It’s hard not to mention the Jetson Nano without mentioning the Raspberry Pi, and its camera is of no exception. With the same 15-pin MIPI CSI-2 camera connector, the Jetson Nano supports the V2-like 8MP IMX219 Raspberry Pi cameras. It does support camera modules of some different image sensors, but a camera module from the Raspberry Pi ecosystem is perhaps still the best way to make it easy and cost-effective.

However, it does not mean that they are the same thing. Here are some of the differences when it comes to using a Raspberry Pi camera on the Jetson Nano:

1. The Jetson Nano does not support the V1 5MP OV5647 cameras

Although widely used in the Raspberry Pi ecosystem, the 5MP OV5647 MIPI cameras CANNOT easily work with the Jetson Nano. That really raises the budget a little bit because there is a bunch of cost-effective OV5647 cameras module to choose from on the market, including those from Arducam.

2. The Jetson Nano does not require an official Raspberry Pi camera module v2 to work.

As some of you might have noticed, the official Raspberry Pi camera is encrypted on the camera board to make it hard for camera manufacturers to make 8MP IMX219 cameras other than the official Raspberry Pi foundation. However, that encryption does not apply to the Jetson Nano, and you can easily use the customized variations of IMX219 cameras on the Jetson Nano.

Arducam Customized 8MP IMX219 Camera Modules for Jetson Nano

As a major Pi camera module manufacturer, we’d like to migrate our experiences to the Jetson Nano platform and have built a series of cameras that work on the Jetson Nano. Since those camera modules are all based on the 8MP Sony IMX219 sensor, the major differences for them lie on the lens performance. For different applications, you can choose from the stock lens, M12 Mount lens, and autofocus lens.

What if you want to stick to the official Raspberry Pi camera module v2 and still access the added features?

For some users who want to keep their Raspberry Pi camera module v2 in their Jetson Nano applications, you can also have access to the M12/autofocus lens options by choosing the Arducam IMX219 Drop-in replacement series. As the IMX219 Lens-sensor replacements are tested to work on the Raspberry Pi, it naturally works as a Jetson Nano camera alternative.

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