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Hardware Guide


This hardware guid helps for interfacing the Arducam OV2640 camera module. There are hardware USB2 or USB3(you also need Arducam Parallel Camera Adapter Board for USB3)camera shield develop boards which can well mate this camera module without designing any customize board, they can be used for fast evaluation for this camera module.

Pin Definition

The camera module using 3M 929836-02-10-RK or similar 20pin (2×10)2.54mm pitch header.

1VCCPOWER3.3v Power supply
2GNDGround Power ground
3SCLInputTwo-Wire Serial Interface Clock
4SDATABi-directional Two-Wire Serial Interface Data I/O
Output Active High: Frame Valid; indicates active frame
6HREFOutput Active High: Line/Data Valid; indicates active pixels
7PCLKOutputPixel Clock output from sensor
8XCLKInputMaster Clock into Sensor
9DOUT9Output Pixel Data Output 9 (MSB)
10DOUT8Output Pixel Data Output 8
11DOUT7Output Pixel Data Output 7
12DOUT6Output Pixel Data Output 6
13DOUT5Output Pixel Data Output 5
14DOUT4Output Pixel Data Output 4
15DOUT3Output Pixel Data Output 3
16DOUT2Output Pixel Data Output 2
17DOUT1 OutputPixel Data Output 1
18DOUT0OutputPixel Data Output 0 (LSB)
19RSTInputSensor reset signal, active low
20PWDNInputPower down input, active high

Mechanical Dimension

OV2640 with M12 lens
OV2640 with fixed lens

Lens Option

There are M12 or CS/C mount lenses can be used together with is camera module. This is 1/4″ optical format sensor, so make sure the lens optical format is bigger than 1/4″ or else there will be dark corner. More lens options can be found from lens product page.

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