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2MP MT9D111


Arducam MT9D111 camera breakout incorporates Aptina 1/3.2−inch CMOS active−pixel digital imaging sensor MT9D111 with an active pixel array of
1668 x 1248 including border pixels. The entire system-on-a-chip (SOC) has low power requirements and low-light performance that is particularly suitable for IoT applications. It has onchip AEC/AGC/AWB/AF functions, and supports RAW/YUV/RGB/JPEG different output format.

Key Specification

Optical format 1/3.2−inch (4:3)
Full Resolution 1600 x 1200
Pixel size 2.8 x 2.8µm
Color filter array RGB Bayer pattern
ADC resolution 10−bit, on−chip
Responsivity 1.0 V/lux-sec (550nm)
Dynamic range 71dB
Frame Rate15fps at full resolution
30fps at 800×600
ISP functionsAE, AWB, AF, JPEG compression
Output format ITU-R BT.601 (YCbCr), 565RGB, 555RGB,
444RGB, JPEG 4:2:2, JPEG 4:2:0,
and raw 10-bit

Block Diagram


  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras
  • Microscopy camera
  • IoT cameras

Order Information

Check the camera breakout from the product page.


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