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Software Guide


This page describle the basic control over the sensor registers using Arducam camera breakout board, it might not be able to cover all the detail register operations, but give you an insight how to adjust these settings.

Sensor I2C Slave Address

The OV13850 camera I2C 8-bit slave address is fixed to 0x6C. With 16bit regsiter address, and 8bit register value.

There is “sensor_model_id ” registers (0x300A/0x300B) which can help diagnose if the I2C bus is accessable and distinguish the camera models.


Sensor Initialization

You need a basic settings to bring up the sensor and make it working in normal streaming mode. Please the config file for the Window GUI.

ResolutionSample Config

Manual Exposure Control

The OV13850 supports two different exposure modes, one is standard exposure mode, and the other is HDR mode. In HDR mode, the exposure is still controlled by a rolling shutter. However, the frame data is separated into “long exposure” and “short exposure” in every two rows. The sequence of MIPI output in HDR mode is similar to normal mode.

White Balance Control

The OV13850 sensor output is RAW bayer format, each RGB channel gain is controlled by corresponding gain regsiter. There are 6 registers related to color gain settings which can be used for manually controlling white balance.

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