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13MP OV13850


Arducam OV13850 camera breakout incorporates Omnivision 1/3-inch 13 Mp CMOS digital image sensor that provide the functionality of a single 13MP(4224×3136) camera using OmniBSI-3™ technology. They provide full-frame,sub-sampled, and windowed 8/10-bit MIPI images.

The OV13850 has an image array capable of operating at up to 30 frames per second (fps) in 10-bit 13 megapixel resolution with complete user control over image quality, formatting and output data transfer. All required image processing functions, including exposure control, white balance, defective pixel canceling, etc..

In addition, OmniVision image sensors use proprietary sensor technology to improve image quality by reducing or eliminating common lighting/electrical sources of image contamination, such as fixed pattern noise, smearing, etc., to produce a clean, fully stable, color image.

Key Specification

Optical format1/3−inch
Active pixels4224 (H) × 3136 (V)
Pixel size1.12μm x 1.12μm
Color filter array RGB Bayer pattern
ADC resolution10-bit RGB RAW
Frame RateFull Resolution (4224H x 3136V) @30fps

Block Diagram


  • Cellular phones
  • PC multimedia
  • Tablets

Order Information

Check the camera breakout from the product page.


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