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1.3MP MT9M001


Arducam MT9M001 camera breakout incorporates ON Semiconductor 1/2−inch CMOS active−pixel digital imaging sensor.MT9N001 with an active pixel array of 1280H x 1024V.It incorporates sophisticated camera functions on-chip such as windowing, column and row skip mode, and snapshot mode. It is programmable through a simple
two-wire serial interface.

MT9M001 features Digital-Clarity—Micron’s breakthrough low-noise CMOS imaging technology that achieves CCD image quality(based on signal-to-noise ratio and low-light sensitivity) while maintaining the inherent size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS.

MT9M001 can be operated in its default mode or programmed by the user for frame size, exposure, gain setting, and other parameters. The default mode outputs an SXGA-size image at 30 frames per second (fps). An on-chip analog-to-digital converter (ADC) provides 10 bits per pixel. FRAME_VALID and LINE_VALID signals are output on dedicated pins, along with a pixel clock that is synchronous with valid data.

Please note that it is the RAW sensor which doesn’t include ISP (Image Signal Processing) on the image sensor chip, so it only supports manual exposure, manual white balance, manual gain settings.

Key Specification

Optical format 1/2−inch (5:4)
Active pixels and imager size 1280(H) x 1024(V)
6.66mm(H) x 5.32mm(V)
Pixel size 5.2µm x 5.2µm
Color filter array RGB Bayer pattern or Monochrome
ADC resolution 10−bit, on−chip
Responsivity2.1 V/lux-sec (Monochrome)
1.8 V/lux-sec (Color) )
Dynamic range 68.2dB
Frame RateFull Resolution (1280H x 1024V) @30fps

Block Diagram


  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras
  • Industrial camera
  • Medical camera
  • Microscopy camera
  • UAV camera

Order Information

Check the camera breakout from the product page.


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