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1.2MP AR0134/AR0135 Global Shutter


Arducam AR0134/AR0135 camera breakout incorporates ON Semiconductor 1/3-inch 1.2 Mp CMOS digital image sensor with an active-pixel array of 1280 (H) × 960 (V).It can support 1.2 megapixel (1280H x 960V) digital still images and a 720p (1280H x 720V) digital video mode. It is designed for low light performance and features a global shutter for accurate capture of moving scenes. It includes sophisticated camera functions such as auto exposure control, windowing, scaling, row skip mode, and both video and single frame modes.

AR0135 has been designed to address the challenging requirements of automotive in-cabin cameras. The new global shutter sensor allows the camera to “freeze” fast moving scene data, and ensures effective synchronization with pulsed light sources. The AR0135 sensor incorporates a new innovative global shutter pixel design, with 10X lower dark current and 4X higher shutter efficiency vs. AR0134.These improvements allow the sensor to produce clear, low-noise images, in both low-light and bright scenes, and in high temperature environments.

AR0134/AR0135 allow application-specific tuning: windowing, adjustable auto-exposure control, auto black level correction, on-board temperature sensor, and row skip and digital binning modes. It features global shutter technology for accurate capture of moving images.

Key Specification

Optical format1/3−inch (6mm)
Active pixels1280 (H) × 960 (V)
Pixel size3.75μm x 3.75μm
Color filter arrayRGB Bayer pattern or Monochrome
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
ADC resolution12−bit, on−chip
Responsivity6.1 V/lux-sec (Monochrome)
5.3 V/lux-sec (Color)
Dynamic range64dB
Frame RateFull Resolution (1280H x 960V) @54fps
720p (1280H x 720V) @60fps

Block Diagram


  • Security 
  • High dynamic range imaging 
  • Unattended surveillance
  • Stereo vision
  • Machine vision
  • Automation

Order Information

Check the camera breakout from the product page.


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