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0.3MP OV7251 Global Shutter


Arducam OV7251 camera breakout incorporates Omnivision 1/7.5-inch 0.3 Mp CMOS digital image sensor that provide the functionality of a single 0.3MP (640×480) camera using OmniPixel3-GS™ technology. They provide full-frame,sub-sampled, and windowed 8/10-bit MIPI images.

OV7251 is capable of operating at up to 100fps in VGA resolution with complete user control over image quality. The global shutter technology allows to reduce or eliminate unwanted image artifacts, which occur with traditional rolling shutter image sensors as a result of motion during image capture. The sensor’s global shutter and excellent low-light sensitivity allow it to be used for any application that needs gesture detection,head and eye tracking, and depth and motion detection.

Leveraging the industry’s smallest global shutter pixel, the black and white OV7251 is capable of capturing VGA (640×480) resolution video at 100 frames per second (fps), QVGA (320×240) at 180 fps with binning, and QQVGA (160×120) at 360 fps with binning and skipping. The OV7251’s high frame rates make it an ideal solution for low-latency machine vision applications.

Key Specification

Optical format1/7.5−inch
Active pixels640 (H) × 480 (V)
Pixel size3μm x 3μm
Color filter arrayMonochrome
Build-in Filter650nm
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
ADC resolution8/10-bit BW RAW
Responsivity10.8 V/lux-sec (850nm)
Dynamic range[email protected] gain
Frame RateFull Resolution (640H x 480V) @100fps
FOVD86.5⁰ /H72.9⁰ /V57.7⁰

Block Diagram


  • Cellular phones
  • digital still cameras (DSC)
  • digital video camcorders (DVC)
  • PC multimedia
  • Machine vision
  • Tablets

Order Information

Check the camera breakout from the product page.


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