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4.4 Play the Video Feed with VLC Media Player

Jetson VLC settings

1. Open VLC with command line vlc , or click the icon to launch.

2. Hit the (Play) button to call the open media window.

3. In Capture Device >> Device Selection >> Video device name, select the camera video node.

4. Hit Advanced Options... button

5. In Advanced Options window >> Video input chroma format, type UYUV.

6. Type in the width and height, for example, 1920 and 1080.


VLC might not be able to support video width or height larger than 4000.

7. Hit OK to save the settings and see the video feed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

8. Open Adjustments and Effects >> v4l2 controls property page, you can adjust the camera control parameters manually.

Jetson VLC ctl

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