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4.1 Hardware Assembly

Since the Arducam OBISP camera modules adopt the same 15-pins camera flex connect cable as the Jetson Nano/Xavier NX, you can connect them to the camera slot in the same way as connecting a standard IMX219 Jetson camera module. By the way, make sure the contacts on the ribbon cable faces the contacts on the camera connector.

1.Pull up the plastic edges of the camera connector.

plastic edges pulled up jetson nano camera connector csi

2. Notice the direction of the ribbon cable contacts

3. Make sure the ribbon cable contacts face inside to the heatsinks.

4. Insert the cable fully into the bottom of the camera slot and make sure it’s not tilted.

5. Push in the plastic edges back while holding the cables still.

AR1335 Jetson B0248
Use a 15-pin to 15-pin white ribbon cable for the 13MP AR1335 (15-pin camera connector).
arducam obisp 2mp b0247 Jetson
Use a 15-pin to 22-pin golden ribbon cable for the 2MP AR0230 (22-pin camera connector).

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