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3.3 Check and Test the Camera

After you’ve finished the hardware assembly and driver installation, you can test whether the camera is detected and working.​


If your Arducam camera module cannot be detected during this step, please go over the first 2 steps again to make sure there are no hardware or driver installation errors.

List the video device

The OBISP MIPI camera modules are emulated as a standard video device under /dev/video* node, so you can use the ls command for listing the contents in the /dev folder.

ls /dev/video0
obisp raspberry pi list device

List the available video modes

Since the camera module is V4L2 compliant, you can use the V4l2 controls to list the supported color space, resolutions, and frame rates.

v4l2-ctl --list-formats-ext
obisp raspberry pi list video format

If you run the commands without results, you might have to check the ribbon connection or install the drivers correctly, then reboot the Raspberry Pi.

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