The GotchaCAM Portable DIY Wifi Camera Based Travel and Home Security and Surveillance System



The GotchaCAM Portable Travel and Home Security and Surveillance System consists of the ArduCAM CC3200 Uno and the software from the book “Home Security System DIY PRO using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink” by Robert Chin. Both are available
for purchase on major sites like Amazon in US.

The recommended way to purchase the hardware for this system is by buying the “ArduCAM CC3200 UNO DIY Wifi Portable Security Spy Ghost Hunter Camera Starter Kit” that is available on Amazon. This provides you with all the hardware you will need.

This system is designed for

  •  Makers
  •  TI CC3200 Simplelink enthusiasts
  •  DIY (Do it Yourself) home security enthusiasts
  •  Frequent flyers that stay in hotels or motels.
  •  Landlords that are renting out homes or apartments.

Key Features

  •  Full source code and binaries are available for download and its installation, use, and design is fully explained in the book “Home Security System DIY PRO using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink”
  •  Portable design only requires an ArduCAM CC3200 Uno, a MT9D111 digital camera, and an Android cell phone in order to send emergency text alerts and cell phone calls.
  •  No external Wifi network is required to send text messages and emergency calls so this would be great solution for business travelers using hotels or for homes or apartments that are rentals.
  •  Provides portable self-monitored on demand security and surveillance without the contracts or hassle of installing a traditional security system.

Video Demonstration

New Book for ArduCAM CC3200 Uno DIY Wifi Security Spy Ghost Hunter Camera Starter Kit


The author Robert Chin wrote a book for Home Security System DIY PRO using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink using ArduCAM CC3200 UNO DIY WIFI Start Kit. If you want to build home security system by yourself, it is right for you to read about it. And now it is available on Amazon.


This book shows you how to build and modify your own wifi camera based commercial quality portable wireless security, surveillance, and spy system appropriate for use at home, or during travel. This system uses only an Android cell phone or tablet(operating system 2.2 and above), a TI CC3200 Launchpad or ArduCAM CC3200 UNO, and a TI Camera Booster Pack with MT9D111 digital camera or just an ArduCAM MT9D111 digital camera if you are using an ArduCAM CC3200 Uno which has a built in camera interface. This book shows you how to build and modify your own alarm system that detects the motion of an intruder, calls out to an emergency phone number and sends emergency text messages using an Android cell phone or just alerts you to the intruder using an Android tablet. This alarm system is compact enough to also provide portable security for travelers using hotels and motels or you can use this as a hidden spy camera system. You can also use the security system for high quality continuous real time surveillance of your property. The live video feed is shown on the Android device. The camera can be set to only record pictures where there is movement so you can easily view any saved images to determine what kind of intruder was detected. The image data is stored locally on the Android device and does NOT require payment of storage fees as with some home security company plans. This book will also go into the technical details of the hardware set up as well as the author created Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink software. With these technical details you will be able to customize and expand these systems to suit your specific needs for your own personal use. This book also serves as a quick start guide for people interested in learning how to program wifi communication between an Android and a TI CC3200 Simplelink device.

Who is this book for?

This book for people that:

* Want a quick start guide to wifi communication between an Android device and a TI CC3200 Simplelink device using a camera.

* Travel often and need a low cost, no contract, portable security solution when living in motels and hotels.

* Want to secretly monitor a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, employee, co-worker and/or other people or even animals without their knowledge and have real time notifications sent to your cell phone.

Key Feature Summary:

* Shows you how to build and modify your own portable wifi camera based commercial quality wireless home or portable security, surveillance, and spy system with real time emergency notification phone call out and text message notifications to your main cell phone.

* The home security system presented in this book is easy to assemble and does not require the use of breadboards or soldering.

* Follow the detailed “Hands on Example” and install the pre-made software created by the author on your Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink devices and get a working commercial quality video surveillance system, or an intruder alarm system up and running quickly

* This book explains the author created source code for the Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink devices so you can customize the home security system yourself for your own specific needs for personal use.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introducing the ArduCAM CC3200 UNO

Chapter 2: TI CC3200 SimpleLink Programming Language Basics

Chapter 3: The Android Controller and Wifi Communication

Chapter 4: The CC3200 and Wifi Communication

Chapter 5: Motion Detection Using a Camera

Chapter 6: The Android Wireless Security System Design

Chapter 7: The CC3200 Simplelink Wireless Security System Design

Chapter 8: Hands on Example: Building an Android and ArduCAM CC3200 UNO Security System

Chapter 9: Deploying your GotchaCAM Wireless Intruder Alarm and Surveillance System

ArduCAM CC3200 WIFI Camera


ArduCAM WIFI camera board is open source WIFI camera develop board which is based on Texas Instruments CC3200 SimpleLink WIFI IoT solution and Aptina MT9D111 camera module. It offers the high quality live video streaming functions as well as keep the small size and low power consumption.

TI makes connectivity even easier with the next-generation SimpleLink Wi-Fi solutions. The product family features Internet-on-a-chip™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ solutions solving industry challenges for broad embedded applications. With SimpleLink CC3200 solutions you can:

  • Program applications on the industry’s first Internet-on-a-chip solution with user dedicated MCU
  • Power Wi-Fi battery-operated designs for more than a year on two AA batteries
  • Start quickly, no Wi-Fi experience needed

Both CC3200 solutions are supported by a software development kit (SDK) including software drivers, sample applications, API guide, user documentation and a world-class support E2E™ community. On the integrated Cortex-M4, all sample applications in the SDK are supported with Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment and no RTOS. A few of the applications support IAR, GCC, Free RTOS, TI-RTOS. And ArduCAM team provides a complete solution on WIFI video transmission.










ArduCAM WIFI Camera Data Sheet can be downloaded from: ArduCAM_WIFI_Camera_Datasheet

Source Code can be found from:

More design resources: