Camera Breakout Board

The camera breakout board is provided for fast evaluation for the cameras or building prototype with your own circuits without dealing with fine pin pitch flex cable or soldering balls. The camera breakout boards can easily work with Arducam USB2/USB3 camera shield without writing a single line of code.

IoT Cameras

These cameras are widely used in mobile phones and IoT devices.

SKU Resolution Camera Module
U6036 0.3MP OV7670
B0070 0.3MP OV7675
U3182 0.3MP OV7725
B0059 0.3MP MT9V111
B0054 2MP  MT9D111 Auto Focus (JPEG)
B0010 2MP MT9D111 (JPEG)
U3359 2MP OV2640 (JPEG)
B0156 3MP OV3640 (JPEG)
B0158 5MP OV5640 Auto Focus (JPEG)
B0020 5MP OV5642 (JPEG)

Industrial Cameras

  • Large Optical Format
SKU Resolution Optical Format Camera Module Feature
B0159 1.3MP 1/2″ MT9M001 Mono
B0160 1.3MP 1/2″ MT9M001 Color
B0098 9MP 1/2.3″ MT9N001 Color
B0096 10MP 1/2.3″ MT9J001 Mono
A0096 10MP 1/2.3″ MT9J003 Color
B0097 14MP 1/2.3″ MT9F001/MT9F002 Color
  • Global Shutter Cameras
SKU Resolution Optical Format Camera Module Feature
U6070 0.3MP 1/7.5″ OV7251 Mono
B0109 0.36MP 1/3″ MT9V022 Mono
B0099 0.36MP 1/3″ MT9V034 Color
B0110 1.3MP 1/3″ AR0134/AR0135 Mono
B0100 1.3MP 1/3″ AR0134/AR0135 Color