This is download section for ArduCAM project.

Date                Version                  Description

2012/09/20       v1.0.0                     Initial release for ArduCAM library for Arduino
2012/11/29       v1.1.0                     Add support for MT9D111 2MP sensor
2012/12/13       v1.2.0                     Add support for OV7675 0.3MP sensor
2012/12/29       v1.3.0                     Add support for OV2640 2MP, OV3640 3MP, OV5642 5MP sensors
2013/03/05        v2.0.0                    Add support for Arduino MEGA1280/2560 boards, support OV2640 1600×1200 JPEG capture. Add demonstration sketch for LCD preview , capture BMP/JPEG file and save to SD/TF card, capture image and transfer via UART/Bluetooth etc.
2013/05/28        v2.1.0                    Add support all drawing functions derived from UTFT library.
2013/08/24        v3.0.0                    Support ArudCAM shield Rev.C hardware, features SPI interface and low power mode.Support all series of Arduino boards including DUE. Add support 1080p still image capture.
2014/02/06        v3.0.1                    Minor change to the library, fixed some bugs, add self test code to the sketches for easy debugging.
2014/03/09        v3.1.0                    Add the more impressive example sketches.Optimise the OV5642 settings, improve image quality.Add live preview before JPEG capture.Add play back photos one by one after BMP capture.
2014/05/01        v3.1.1                    Minor changes to add support Arduino IDE for linux distributions.
2014/09/29        v3.2.0                    Improvement on OV5642 camera driver.
2014/10/06        v3.3.0                    Add OV7660,OV7725 camera support.
2014/10/08        v3.3.1                    Fixed UTFT4ArduCAM_SPI library compilation bug when used in Arduino IDE 1.5.8. Thanks to our user Fernando to report this bug.

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